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Zen dog - a herbal tea to calm anxious dogs

17 Aug 2013 by Holly

Our Zen dog tea is a herbal infusion especially formulated to promote calmness and to relieve anxiety. It can be used for situations that some dogs find stressful such as thunderstorms, fireworks night, trips to the vet or as an aid in separation anxiety. It also helps to promote a restful night’s sleep and can help dogs settle in to a new home or when at kennels.

All our teas are intended to be used by adding them to your dog’s food, (this works especially well on dry food),  although some dogs do drink them neat, like tea!

Zen dog contains a blend of traditional nervine, or calming herbs, that have been used for centuries to help relieve anxiety and settle the mind. Our vet Holly has chosen a blend that includes Chamomile, Passionflower, Valerian and Oatstraw.

Helping your anxious dog cope is as easy as making a cuppa!