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Top tips for senior cat care

24 Sep 2013 by Holly

Despite our first product being for dogs we love cats as well here at the Holistic Pet Company. That’s why we want to share some top tips for natural cat health care…

The first signs of ageing can start anywhere between seven and eleven years of age, with most cats entering their ‘senior years’ from around ten onwards. By just making a few small adjustments to how you look after your cat as they get older, you can make a huge difference to their quality of life.

First of all think about your home from their point of view and consider that with arthritis and reduced mobility, your cat may now find it more difficult to reach their favourite bed or vantage point. So, help them out by placing cushions, or chairs as stepping-stones up to their desired bed! You may also need to have a litter tray inside, even if your cat never used to use one before, they may now find it more of an effort to go out to the garden.

More attention to a daily groom and regular claw clipping are other important ways of helping your senior feline stay young at heart. Regular vet check ups are also important, especially if you notice any change to their daily habits or personality, as these may indicate pain or the beginnings or an age related medical condition.

Paying careful attention to your cat’s everyday wellbeing offers you the best chance of giving them a long and rewarding retirement!