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Keeping safe & calm on bonfire night

30 Oct 2013 by Holly

By planning ahead and using the following practical tips and natural remedies, you can help your pets to stay safe and feel less anxious on November 5th.

Preparation is the key. Before the day itself make a den or nest area where your dog can retreat to and fill it with treats and familiar bedding. Cats will benefit from having plenty of different hiding places and don’t forget to put litter trays out for them too. You can also use a few drops of Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy to help relieve anxiety, added to the water bowl or given to your pet on a treat. Use the herbal tonic Skullcap and Valerian, (available from Dorwest Herbs), to promote calm and relaxation. If you know how to, you can also use a Tellington Touch wrap or a T-shirt on your dog to help them feel secure. Finally, plug-in DAP or Feliway diffusers, (available from your vet), can help dogs and cats stay calm at this time of year.

Make sure that your pet is microchipped, just in case they do manage to escape, as this will give you a better chance of being reunited.

On fireworks night itself make sure that you get your pets inside well before dark. Firmly shut all the doors and windows, (not forgetting the cat-flap), and draw the curtains. It can be helpful to drown out the sound of fireworks by playing loud music or by having the television on. Don’t leave your pets home alone if there are fireworks expected, but be careful not to reinforce any fearful feelings they may have by comforting or reassuring them. Seeing you, and any other family pet, acting calmly and normally, will help your anxious pets to feel calm and settled.

Finally, if your pet has serious anxiety problems on fireworks night, book in to see the vet well ahead of time to discuss the use of medications.