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The benefits of a raw meaty diet for cats

05 Feb 2014 by Naomi Woodspring

The first thing that people comment on when they see my cats, Charlie and Gibson, are their beautiful shiny coats. I then go on to explain that we make their food and their shiny coats are only part of the benefits of my cats’ diet.

It’s strange, but very few people who are cat owners seem the least bit interested in hearing more after my initial foray into the importance of a healthy raw diet for cats. As a transplanted American, it is even stranger to me since there is a good deal of interest in healthy pet food in the States (and a more natural raw diet for cats). But, as always, I find cultural difference interesting, curious, and surprising.

When we adopted Charlie she was around three and had been diagnosed with Feline Calicivirus (FCV) which had severely affected her gums. We were told by the first vet we took her to that she would need to take antibiotics regularly. That wasn’t anything I wanted to give to my cat on a regular basis so we started her on the homemade raw food diet. Some years before, I had had a cat who was diagnosed with diabetes. Nothing seemed to help regulate his insulin requirements, then I switched to a raw food diet and it worked. His blood sugar levels were far more controlled. It worked for Charlie, too. Her gums cleared up, she became, and continues to be, as playful as a kitten (she’s now seven) and far more coordinated than she was when she came to us. Of course, this all makes sense. As Michael Pollen, the food expert and critic says, don’t eat anything that’s in a list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce and that goes for my cats, as well.

Raw and meaty is a cat’s natural diet and feeding that diet to my cats has resulted in the joy of living with healthy, playful, and beautiful pets.

We use organic meat from a butcher down the road and add the supplement taurine, that we buy online. We make our cat food in monthly batches, freeze them and defrost as needed (about every two days).

If you are interested in exploring a raw food diet for your cat, there are lots of recipes online. We found the simpler the recipe, the better. The recipe we use if from my homeopathic vet in the States.