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04 Aug 2014 by Holly Mash

Making sure that your pet has a safe and comfortable journey when you take it on holiday is crucial; whether you are travelling by car, boat or even plane!

On long journeys in the car, try and stop for a break so that your dog can stretch his legs and empty his bladder and have the offer of a drink, every two hours or so (more often in hot weather). It is also a safe precaution for him to wear a seatbelt in the car or to travel in a crate in the boot. Cats should be secure in a carrier that is large enough for them to be able to turn around comfortably. You can also use a drop of lavender on your pets travel blanket - to help them to sleep and relax during the journey.

If your pet suffers from travel sickness there are one or two useful natural remedies to help combat this. There is an excellent homeopathic remedy called Cocculus (12 or 30c) that can be given one dose about an hour before the journey and a second dose just as you leave the house, and topped up every 3-4 hours afterwards. Alternatively, you can use ginger, the herbal remedy for travel sickness.

Finally, remember not to give your pet a large meal before a long journey, as this can make them feel uncomfortable and never, ever leave your pet in a hot car.