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Introducing Herbal Sprinkles

28 Feb 2017 by Holly Mash

Following recent research demonstrating the best way of delivering the benefits of botanical herbs to your dog, we have developed our brand new range of herbal Sprinkles. These unique, 100% organic, veterinary formulated pouches of dried herbs can simply be sprinkled onto your dog’s food. This means that you’ll be able to offer your faithful friend whatever benefits they need, easily and effectively whenever they need it. Whether it be a bit more spring in their step, (check out Bouncy dog), or just a more relaxed attitude to life, (see our ever popular Zen dog). Being finely cut makes these dried herbs easily absorbed into your dog’s digestive system, so that they can be effective straight away. Herbs are a gentle way of supporting your dog’s health naturally.

All our Sprinkles come in self seal pouches that will keep your herbal formulas fresh and aromatic.

Add a Sprinkle to your dog’s food before serving – and hey presto you’ve added a seasoning of healthy, 100% natural, zingy goodness to their meal!

For those of you that enjoy making your dog a cuppa, don’t worry – you can still buy our original herbal teas range on our Teadogs product page!