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Teadogs – back by popular demand!

20 Jul 2017 by Holly Mash

We are delighted to announce the re-launch of our original range of herbal teas for dogs – Teadogs. These are caffeine free, 100% herbal, teas for dogs. They are made up just like herbal teas for ourselves, but can be added to your dog’s food (no need to strain them), so that he or she can get the benefits of a herbal infusion just like we can!

It is true that some dogs do like to enjoy their herbal teas as drinks and lap them from their bowl. How very genteel!

We have the ultimate three blends – the ever popular Zen dog (to help your pooch stay cool, calm and collected), Old dog (a helping paw for your senior citizen), and our new blend Minty dog (to combat bad breath).

Each of our teas is made with 100% organic herbs and nothing else.

Confused about whether to choose a Sprinkle or a tea? It’s purely up you as to whether you’ll find it easier to sprinkle half a teaspoon of finely blended herbs onto your dog’s food or whether you prefer the ritual of making an infusion (herbal tea). Both are effective ways of helping to support your dog’s health gently and naturally.